Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some More Kaohsiung Bike Shops

Visited three bike shops I hadn't been to before on Friday in search of some new biking clothes.

No. 111 Chunghua (Zhunghua or Junghua) 2nd rd.    (07) 323-1689    10am - 10pm

If you're riding through Kaohsiung on Highway 17 then this is the easiest bike shop to find, as it's right on Chunghua rd (Highway 17) just north of where the road goes under the train tracks at Jouru rd.

I've passed by this shop thousands of times over the years, but had never gone inside and was a little surprised when I did. It has a VERY good selection of biking clothes and gear; much better than the big Giant store near my house. It also offers choices other than MERIDA brand clothes.

I was also impressed by the large bike servicing area and how well laid out it was. An added bonus was that their technician spoke English well and knew his stuff.

Saw some jerseys I liked (that wouldn't turn me into a moving billboard), but decided to check some other shops before buying.

No. 203 Chishan (Qixian) 2nd rd.     (07) 261-0168      *Closed on Sunday
Located in downtown KHH a block west of Chunghua rd.

A excellent bike shop staffed by ex-racers with a very good selection of high-end gear for both road racing and triathlon. If i was still racing and 50kg lighter, then this would be the shop for me. Sadly, my XL body found lots to drool over, but nothing in my size. This was probably a good thing, as the jersey I liked was $6,000NT. Would definitely trust them to work on my bikes though, and get the latest info on upcoming races and events.

No.6-20 Chungshan 1st rd.          (07) 281-2888
Across the street from Central Park a block north of Wufu rd.

A very slick looking shop, but very limited in what they offer in the way of gear or clothes.

Sadly, I was unable to find the clothes I really wanted:

Pee-wee Inspired Skinsuit  by Podium Cycling