Sunday, June 3, 2012

Highway 28 to Cishan

Left the house at 6:30a.m. and headed up past the Sugar Refinery to Yanchiao for breakfast.

Some classic wheels out for a Sunday drive pulled up in front of the Family Mart.

Was very nice weather for riding this morning in KHH - about 27 degrees with overcast skies.
The two moderate climbs on highway 14 and 37 flew by and I was feeling strong.

I was feeling so strong, that I decided to alter my route and finally ride highway 28 out to Cishan - land of the banana. This is a 4-lane highway with virtually no shade that requires a nice overcast day like today. The first couple of hills went by alright and then, just when the only way back was forward, the clouds suddenly disappeared - the trap had been sprung.

The "Cishan 7km" sign turned out to only tell the distance to the district line and several more punishing climbs still stood between me and Cishan. It's no coincidence that overheat and defeat form a rhyming couplet.

The closer look at the sights of Cishan will have to wait for another trip on a cooler day when I'm not a puddle of my former self.

1) Sugar Refinery MRT - Yanchiao : 8km totally flat
2) Yanchiao - Tianliao via road 14 and 37 : 12km with a couple of 6-8min. climbs.
3) Tianliao - Cishan on highway 28: 5 or 6 short but steep climbs; each a bit longer than the last.

To see this ride on Bikemap:
Ciaotao - Cishan

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