Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cijin Island Lighthouse

My summer cycling hibernation officially ended today with a pleasant ride along the Love River and over to Cijin Island. The weather was nice and cool today, so hiked up to the Cihou lighthouse.

I really enjoy this spot in Kaohsiung - although the small group of Chinese tourists yelling at each other certainly detracted from the tranquility of today's visit.

The down side of cooler winter temperatures in Kaohsiung is the accompanying drop in air quality.
I'm pretty sure the photos I took of the harbour today won't be featured in any tourism brochures.

Slightly different from the same view at TravelTaiwanPage and at 360 degree cities.

Despite how tempting this rope looked to climb up to the old lookout tower, I decided against it.

No hiking spot in Taiwan would be complete of course without a makeshift jungle gym.

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