Friday, May 11, 2012

Ocean View

Finally made it down to my local bike shop today and got the broken spoke on my Kona fixed. Didn't have a lot of time left after the repair, so headed out to JungShan University.

The road along the ocean on the back side of Monkey Mt. is one of my favorite KHH city rides. It's a narrow, winding road with no shoulder, that sees a lot of traffic on the weekend. But at 3pm on Friday afternoon, it's great!

The weather forcast said there was a 60% chance of rain today, but the skies were nice and blue all afternoon. I always stop to enjoy the view from the top of the climb looking back at the university and the entrance to KHH harbour.

Looking north from the same point you can see the red umbrellas at Escape 41 down by the water.

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