Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Victoria is Canada's Most Bikeable City

Read an interesting article today about my old home - Victoria.

Researchers at UBC and SFU have recently declared it to be the most bikeable city in Canada. The system they use is an offshoot of WalkScore. It uses factors such as cycling infrastructure (Ex: bike lanes), topographydesirable amenities and road connectivity to give cities a score on how bikeable they are.

*They don't include statistics related to cycling accidents or probability of bike theft in their calculations. I guess they assume that more cycling infrastructure means safer cycling.

I wonder how the cities in Taiwan would compare - Kaohsiung certainly has lots of bike lanes, though connectivity is a problem. It's topography is very cycling friendly, as it's almost totally flat. And desirable amenities are everywhere:

Can read the original article at Victoria: Canada’s most bikeable city
Also, a connected article: From bikeability to bike score that included this graph:

Average Bike Score for 10 Canadian Cities vs. % of Commute Trips by Bike

The Cycling Route Planner for Vancouver was also pretty cool:
I especially like the google function that allowed you to superimpose the data you were interested in onto the map - stuff like designated bike routes and truck routes.

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