Sunday, April 1, 2012

Backdoor to Eda-World

Riding the foothills of Kaohsiung is normally a very relaxing activity; but not today. My mind didn't make a proper connection between today being the last Sunday before Tomb Sweeping Day and the foothills of KHH being covered in Tombs. Needless to say, there were a few more cars on the route today than usual.

The quiet downhill on 186A just east of EDA-World.

Started the ride today on the Kaohsiung MRT that now offers a great deal for bikers: $60 for you and your bike for as far as you want to go. Best way to skip out on the Ring-of-Fire that surrounds KHH. Exiting at Metropolitan Park station in Nantze, we headed directly east into the hills. Takes about 15min to get past the city streets into the countryside.

Lots of pineapple farms in this area.

Did I mention there are a lot of pinnapple farms in this area?

A nice overcast day, with temperatures around 20 degrees, made it a great day for biking. After riding down the 186A to near the Gaoping River we headed back into town through the rolling hills of Niaosong and round the back of Cheng-Ching Lake. A very enjoyable 38km loop.

Ended the ride with a ice-latte and honey-mustard panini at the Jacoranda Cafe across from the Jade market.

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