Monday, April 23, 2012

Cijin Island

The plum rains are here, so had to cancel my Saturday ride to Cock's Comb Mountain. Did manage to get out for a little spin to Cijin Island with my friend D on Sunday, but it was very much a mixed bag. My recently trued back wheel broke a spoke, so we cut our ride short and headed back to town.

Repairs on the Love River bicycle bridge are finally complete, with lots of new wood. It looks like they actually treated the planks this time, so it might last a little longer.

Government ferry to Cijin.

Playing Ferry Frogger with the cargo ships. 

Where the bridge used to be before the typhoon a couple of summers ago washed it away.

The fishermen used to hang buckets with candles in them on the walls inside this tunnel at night. Was great to emerge from the tunnel feeling you'd escaped from the city for a while and sit drinking beer while watching the boats go in and out of the harbour.  

Overcast skies made for good fishing weather. It's too bad they had to put up a fence to stop all the foolish teenagers from getting washed off the breakwater and drowning. Didn't seem much of an obstacle for the 30 or so fishermen out there.

A huge pile of cement breaker jacks for use in a local uglification project.

Much of the bike route that went along the waterfront is now closed off for repair. Will give riding over here a miss till summer and hope they've cleaned things up a bit.

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