Monday, April 2, 2012


Came across a new product that may be the answer to a problem I have with my touring bike.

My 1991 Kona Explosif has standard MTB flat bars, but I prefer the hand positions of drop bars for long rides. If I change to drop bars though, I'm faced with the problem of how to shift. I considered just jerry-rigging them to fit on top, like this in this article I saw at Human Powered Cycles.

Would require the purchase of a pair of Paul Thumbies for $74US and everything seems to be a bit crowded. So, I opted for sticking with the flat bars and getting some ergo grips with built in bar-ends.

I may have to give some serious thought to getting some retroshifters after seeing this video.

Would allow me to use the original thumbshifters and keep my handlebars clear for my computer and light. Hmmm?

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