Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kaohsiung City Ride

Got a Wednesday off and decided to take advantage of the beautiful blue skies in KHH and ride down the Love River bike path to the harbour and university.

I always have to remind myself to be careful on bike paths because they are designed to kill cyclists. Here is a great example of design that kills;  hide those ugly boxes along with cyclists transitioning from the bike path to one of the biggest roads in the city.

Got to the harbour at around 10:30am to find it was pleasantly quiet. I normally avoid the road around the point to the university, but the hoards of Chinese tourists that usually mob the former British Consulate must have been elsewhere today.

Was good to finally see work underway to fix the bike path that follows the waterfront below the lighthouse on Cijin Island. The boardwalk/bikepath was washed away by a typhoon in the summer of 2010. I hope the path no longer meets a deadend at a set of stairs that forces everyone to return the way they came.

Headed back to Tzoying along the newest bikepath in the city. It follows an old rail line that goes north from the harbour parallel to Gushan road. It's not finished yet, but will eventually go all the way to the art museum.

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